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Hello, I’m Amina. I was born and raised in Santa Monica to a multicultural family, with a father who worked in sales and a mother who was a teacher. Growing up, my sisters and I would spend our weekends at the beach and thrifting with our grandmother. These experiences instilled in me a deep appreciation for family and community, which continues to inspire me today.

Now, I live in Orange County with my partner, our son, and our two cats, Periwinkle and Teetee. My partner and I have been together for nine years and I am grateful to have such a supportive and loving person by my side. I am also blessed to be part of a large Muslim community in Southern California, which gives me a sense of belonging and connection.

My journey into birthwork began with the birth of my own child in 2017, just two weeks after my mother’s passing. I was looking for a birth team that would support and empower me through this difficult time, and I found that at a local birth center. The care I received there inspired me to become a doula myself and help others in the same way. I attended my first birth in 2018 and became formally certified in 2020, and now I am a full spectrum doula. Currently, I work as a birth assistant at a birth center, where I have gained significant experience with birth center births. Additionally, I have assisted with home births and hospital births, providing me with a diverse range of experiences and expertise.


I believe birth is one of the most transformative events in any birthing person’s life. I believe that if a person feels empowered and confident in their birth, they will carry that with them for the rest of their life. My favorite part of being a doula is providing a safe and supportive space for my clients to let their walls down and have a deep meaningful connection with their emotions and journey.

I am most inspired by the strong and confident women in my life, including my grandmothers, mother, sisters, and aunts. They taught me to speak up for those who cannot, be confident in who I am, and love unconditionally. My long-term goal is to become a licensed midwife so that I can continue to serve and empower marginalized communities in even more ways.

As someone committed to ongoing education, I am constantly seeking out new knowledge through reading and media. However, I believe that experience is the best teacher, and I have had the privilege of supporting numerous families through various stages of the birthing process.

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My Methods

My Credentials

My Methods

As a doula, I center my care around compassion and empathy, listening to my clients and understanding that they know their bodies and trust their process. I can be very hands-on if needed, using techniques like counter pressure, rebozo, massage, and acupressure. I also provide verbal and emotional support, such as guided meditation, words of affirmation, and education.

I also find that prenatal education is one of the most helpful tools for birthing people, helping them to feel informed and in tune with their bodies through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

My Credentials

  • Birth and Postpartum Doula Certification through DONA International (2020)
  • Breastfeeding for Doulas with Rei (2020)
  • Full spectrum Doula Training through Cornerstone Doula Trainings (2022)
  • Queer Reproductive Care by King Yaa (2022)
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program Certified by Baby Breath (2022)
  • CPR certified (2017- current)
  • Rebozo work (support with a shawl during labor)
  • Prenatal henna

Notes of Appreciation for Amina

Iman, Orange County

“Amina is the best kind of doula you want on your birth team. Amina is kind, caring, thoughtful, genuine, down to earth and entirely supportive of any decision you make. Amina is not judgmental and creates an environment of safety, calm, and putting the birthing mother in control.
Amina came to us by recommendation of her doula (who couldn’t make our birth). She took the time to zoom meet to get to know us and introduce herself and scheduled an in person meeting at 39 weeks to go over things we could do in labor. She brought over padsicles and had me choose essential oils that I might want in labor. We discussed comfort levels with physical touch and went over the birth plan. She repeatedly assured me that I should feel free to call or text her with updates on contractions, even if I was unsure about them.

When my due date came and went Amina was a sounding board in my decisions to delay induction and cervical checks. She encouraged me to do what felt right while taking into account medical advice and risk/benefits. She was also there for me emotionally, reminding me that majority of first time moms surpass their due date.
When my contractions were coming regularly she was on standby helping my husband determine when to have her come to our home and eventually when to go to the hospital.

When she arrived at our home she immediately got to work – setting things up for my pain management and assuring the other adults in the room of my progress. My mom remarked that Amina was able to calm me/my contractions down and make them more meaningful. Amina labored at home with us for six hours and then went to the hospital with us all while offering massage, essential oils, hydration & nourishment, different birthing positions and my most needed – counter pressure. She listened to what I wanted and what I did not – like my detest at the birthing ball. She was calm, collected and consistently aware of what I wanted and needed.

While I was in triage she asserted her right to be in the hospital and that we had followed the necessary protocol to do so (as per Covid-19 restrictions some staff can be hostile toward additional birthing support people). She was able to help my husband through the stress of not hearing anything from the admit staff for over an hour, and in the meantime offered to check that our car seat was properly installed when my husband brought up the topic.

Amina spent the next 18 hours physically and emotionally supporting me. She and my husband became a super-team, encouraging me to move around, or allowing me rest when I insisted I needed it. I don’t quite remember much of those hours- but I know my husband was in awe of Amina’s strength and ability as a doula.

Amina is a strong advocate and Amina helped me have a positive birthing experience through the external challenges I faced in labor at the 18 hour mark. When faced with a kind but pushy and anxious nurse who invaded my space and moved me physically without permission, Amina immediately asked me if I was okay with what was happening. Being the people pleaser that I am, I wanted to give the nurse another chance but when the nurse started becoming aggressive Amina advocated for me and eventually had her removed from the room. During this time with the frantic nurse who managed to scare my husband by suggesting interventions and ultimately a c-section, Amina was able to help us come to an educated decision that was aligned with my birth plan. She asked the doctors and nurses to give us time before rushing in with next steps. In that time Amina gave us a much needed pause (as I was passing out between contractions) and was supportive of our decision, even remarking that it seemed the right approach given our circumstance.

Amina stayed with us until the medical intervention was performed and made sure everything was on track before leaving, having spent over 24 hours with us.

Post delivery Amina checked in with us via text, and visited us two days later, listening to my first week struggles and helping us recognize what was abnormal in breastfeeding and seeking out lactation support for us at our request.

And postpartum she was able to give me a much needed night to recover by watching baby, burping and changing diapers – leaving me the only job of feeding baby. While feeding she answered all my baby care related questions and helped me think through the questions I needed to ask the lactation consultant the next day. She also offered her massage services which helped alleviate stress in my shoulders.

Last but not least, I’d like to mention that Amina and I share the same faith background which I deeply appreciated as she completely understood my actions and decisions, and was able to uphold them for me without question. I’m certain she’d do the same for anyone else regardless of faith background.

By the long review I hope you’ll gather how highly I think of Amina and how absolutely blessed I was to have her at my birth. I mean, she thanked me for being present at my birth, something that resonates with how humble and genuine she is. I have nothing but positives to say about Amina and am so grateful for her.”

Iman, Orange County
Adriana, Orange County

“Amina was my doula for the home birth of my second child. She emotionally supported me when I was at my most vulnerable. I’ll never forget her feeding me snacks and offering me water when I was unable to do it for myself. During intense contractions she was holding my hand and giving me words of encouragement. Her compassion, knowledge and professionalism is exceptional. I am truly blessed to have had her services.”

Adriana, Orange County
Letty, Los Angeles County

“Moonchild Birth Services was one of the best decisions I could have made. Coming from a not so supportive family at least emotionally I totally received it with all the girls at Moonchild Birth. They texted or called you they really care and were there 1000%!!! My pregnancy was very emotional and everything that could go wrong did. I’m just happy Amina was there holding my hand for this crazy roller coaster. God bless the girls for what they do!!!!”

Letty, Los Angeles County
Priscilla, Harbor City

"I knew once I met Amina virtually that I wanted to work with her. Her passion for doula care and empowering pregnant people was felt immediately. I also felt like she heard and saw me and that was exactly what I needed in my pregnancy journey. The way that my birth story unfolded did not match my birth plan/preferences at all but one of my anchors was that Amina was present for me and my family. Having her support before, during, and after my son was born was priceless and I hold those memories close to my heart. She is a joy to work with and I consider her part of my family now!"

Priscilla, Harbor City
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