Kind words from the families we have been so honored to serve. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your sacred journey.
“Where do I begin, Becca gave me my dream birth after my first daughter which was a traumatic c section. Becca gave me my VBAC something I have longed for four years. She supported me during the times I wanted to give up, and backed me up with any and all information I needed through my entire pregnancy. I LOVED LOVED LOVED working with Becca. She supported my birthing partner and I with love, snacks, information, and essential oils. Back rubs during contractions, encouraging words, soft music, and patience- so much patience. Birth is hard and the stronger your team the better! I couldn’t have asked for more of an amazing birth! She came to my house for the TWO DAYS of labor at home I went through and stayed for the 12 hours in hospital, 4 of which was pushing. Having her there helped my partner get a break for a nap or a meal. He was so appreciative of that. She was such an amazing support system really for the entire team not just me. SHE WAS THE MOST AMAZING HUMAN IVE EVER HAD BY MY SIDE AT SUCH A PIVOTAL MOMENT. Thank you for your doula services. I highly recommended everyone to have a doula and specifically DOULA services by Becca”
~Sarah, Anaheim
“I couldn’t have been any happier with the service she had provided me and my new family. Since the first day I had met Becca she was always on time and always there for us through the whole process. When she says call me at anytime of the day, she means it. Whether if it was at 2am 4am she was there to pick up the phone for us. As a man who’s never experience a birth I can say that having Becca there with me was a major help! I couldn’t have done it without her. Once it was time to head to the hospital she was quick at getting there. As soon as she arrived she helped me out by being prepared to head out and what to take to the hospital. As we were there she explained to me everything the doctors were saying and what each point meant. With Becca being there at the hospital it gave me time to sleep and eat while she looked after my wife. While Becca being there and being in labor for 2 days she was kind enough to let me rest. When it was time for the birth she was in the room with us helping and encouraging me and my wife to not give up during every second of the process. At the end I can 100% say that any male needing help or not sure of what to do I recommend having Becca there by your side. She will NOT let you down. I’m very blessed to have had Becca with me on my journey as becoming a father.”
~ Alexis, Anaheim
“Going through a first time pregnancy during a pandemic and dealing with numerous isolating protocols like going to doctors appointments alone was very stressful. I was lucky to find Becca at 8 months pregnant while I prepared for the big day. Although it was very late into my pregnancy Becca made sure to give me comfort and reminded me to stay relaxed and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy. We talked after every doctors appointment and She answered all of my questions and concerns which was very helpful! I was so happy to hear that just one day prior to my labor and delivery protocol had changed and doulas were now allowed in the labor room! This changed everything Becca was with me through it all from being on the phone with me while I was in early labor to arriving at my home and then heading to the hospital when the time was near. I trusted her completely and she was so much help not only with giving me peace of mind but also physically. Helping out with adding pressure to my lower back, essential oils, and oh the fan! Best little gadget that helped me get through transitioning. She’s also an awesome photographer so you get two in one! I got the best pics welcoming my baby to the world! She’s the best! I can go on and on! Thank you so much Becca for everything! I can truly say we were a great team and it couldn’t have been better!”
~Steffany, Santa Ana
“I am so grateful to have had Becca as a virtual doula for the birth of my first child. During this experience, she offered a warm presence and calming words, along with a considerate and supportive approach. I felt completely supported in my birth plan and I appreciated her wealth of knowledge while going through the birthing process. She is very passionate about birth work and about facilitating a positive environment and experience for all birthing people and their partners. I’m thrilled that she will continue to offer her services to many more families to come!”
~Lauren, Los Angeles
“Both Rebecca and Carmen are truly great people with your best interest in mind. Rebecca was my Birth Doula this past May and I am so grateful/happy that I went with her. I was hesitant on getting a Doula at first but she definitely proved to be 1000% worth it. She supported me while my S/O had to drive 2 hours South so I would’ve labored alone if she wasn’t there and I definitely think her approach at calming me(light, diffuser, music) was super helpful. She also has an abundance of knowledge and resources as far as how to manage labor, things I would’ve never even thought to do. She was a big support to my Mom during the whole process even at our first meeting. She really had an understanding of our concerns and fears like my birth plan and she answered our questions without hesitation and guided us through all the things we should expect. Carmen was also a great support for me. She was around for my Postpartum and right away you can tell that she is a very kind soul and wants what’s best for you. I slipped into a bit of a depression and she helped me process a lot of things I was feeling and I was able to vent to her without feeling judged. I also want to emphasize that she cares for your physical well-being too. She was always making sure I was eating enough calories while I was breastfeeding and making sure I was drinking enough water. I can attest to the fact that it is very easy to forget to take care of yourself as a new parent so she did a great job at reminding me of the importance of maintaining my health and wellness. She also helped with stuff like sweeping our floors which probably wouldn’t have gotten done in who knows how long just because I didn’t have time so she’s very attentive and recognizes when you need help with something before you even ask for help. She also offered help with other household stuff and I do appreciate that. Both Rebecca and Carmen are not only great at what they do but they bent over backwards working with one of their friends doing a fundraiser for me and my son. As a fairly young women with a pregnancy I found out about at 6.5 months let’s just say I was not the most prepared. Physically or financially. So it was one of the biggest blessings that they were able to do that for me. That took so much stress off my shoulders. With all of that being said, If you are considering a Doula do not hesitate to reach out to these two amazing people. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them. Definitely a great experience.”
~J., Orange County

“Becca was such a blessing to have at my birth. She was the calming presence I needed and was a constant reassurance throughout my long labor. My midwives were at another birth for the majority of the time and I’m so glad I had Becca there with me. She magically never acted tired and was always there for me when I needed her. I highly recommend hiring Becca for your big day…best investment!”
~Melody, Costa Mesa

“Breana came into our lives at just the right moment, when we needed her most. My daughter was 3 weeks old when we started working with Breana and I was a bit overwhelmed, tired and healing from an unplanned c-section and without being aware of it ~ very in need of the nurturing, confidence, loving care and emotional support that Breana so generously gave. If I could go back… I wish so much to have had her the whole way through my pregnancy and by my side in my delivery. Breana is the consumate professional- she is an excellent in communication, punctuality, scheduling and reliability. When I met her I instantly felt comfortable and safe and trusted her with my daughter – to this day she is the only person outside of family I have left her with. I learned so much from her about caring for a newborn (to this day I hear her voice coaching me through situations I face with my daughter), and about caring for myself through post-partem. I just cant say enough of what the time with her meant… I will always carry it with me.”
~Kori, Orange County
“Amina was my doula for the home birth of my second child. She emotionally supported me when I was at my most vulnerable. I’ll never forget her feeding me snacks and offering me water when I was unable to do it for myself. During intense contractions she was holding my hand and giving me words of encouragement. Her compassion, knowledge and professionalism is exceptional. I am truly blessed to have had her services.”
~ Adriana, Orange County
“At roughly 36-weeks, my husband and I decided to proceed with getting a doula for the birth of our first child. We submitted an inquiry knowing it was cutting it close to our due date but Becca quickly responded and scheduled an initial consultation. Overall, she was very transparent, responsive and accommodating.

We were introduced to Andrea and it was a perfect match. We couldn’t have asked for a better doula to guide us leading up to, through and beyond labor. Her knowledge and gentle demeanor helped calm my nerves every step of the way. Andrea also supported and respected my birth wishes. She genuinely cared about me, baby and my husband–getting to know us and making sure our goals were met. During labor, she provided excellent physical and emotional guidance. I also felt comfortable in consulting both my husband and Andrea in pivotal decision making. She was 100% present, cheerleading and reassuring us through our unique (and of course not as expected) labor journey. My husband and I could not have imagined the experience leading up to the birth of our beautiful baby girl without her! Andrea is a gifted doula and we highly recommend her. Thank you!”
~Maritza, Bellflower

“Moonchild Birth Services was one of the best decisions I could have made. Coming from a not so supportive family at least emotionally I totally received it with all the girls at Moonchild Birth. They texted or called you they really care and were there 1000%!!! My pregnancy was very emotional and everything that could go wrong did. I’m just happy Amina was there holding my hand for this crazy roller coaster. God bless the girls for what they do!!!!”
~Letty, Los Angeles County
“So thankful to have had Becca with us for the birth of our first little one! We were moving late in my pregnancy and she was flexible and amazing to be able to put my mind at ease. Being in a new city with no family support it was a blessing for my husband and I to know we had her with us and she was a gentle, caring, and calming presence for the entire labor and birth. Even when I had complications and things not go as planned she remained calm, helped advocate and ask the questions I wanted to know but didn’t have the strength in the moment to gather, and was always what we needed in each moment. Would highly recommend her to anyone as such an amazing doula that made our first little one such a positive experience.”
~ Kate, San Diego
“Becca was a wonderful support to have during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and beyond. I didn’t find her until I was 37 weeks pregnant. I was stressed out about my birth team, but once I hired her, I felt at ease. She made sure to squeeze in my 2 prenatal visits before my baby was born. Once my labor started, she was very responsive and came quickly once my husband called her. During labor, her hip-squeezes were so helpful! And she stayed with me and supported me after delivery when I needed extra medical attention. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a doula to add to your birth team.”
~ Melissa, Lake Forest
“Amina is the best kind of doula you want on your birth team. Amina is kind, caring, thoughtful, genuine, down to earth and entirely supportive of any decision you make. Amina is not judgmental and creates an environment of safety, calm, and putting the birthing mother in control.

Amina came to us by recommendation of her doula (who couldn’t make our birth). She took the time to zoom meet to get to know us and introduce herself and scheduled an in person meeting at 39 weeks to go over things we could do in labor. She brought over padsicles and had me choose essential oils that I might want in labor. We discussed comfort levels with physical touch and went over the birth plan. She repeatedly assured me that I should feel free to call or text her with updates on contractions, even if I was unsure about them.

When my due date came and went Amina was a sounding board in my decisions to delay induction and cervical checks. She encouraged me to do what felt right while taking into account medical advice and risk/benefits. She was also there for me emotionally, reminding me that majority of first time moms surpass their due date.
When my contractions were coming regularly she was on standby helping my husband determine when to have her come to our home and eventually when to go to the hospital.

When she arrived at our home she immediately got to work – setting things up for my pain management and assuring the other adults in the room of my progress. My mom remarked that Amina was able to calm me/my contractions down and make them more meaningful. Amina labored at home with us for six hours and then went to the hospital with us all while offering massage, essential oils, hydration & nourishment, different birthing positions and my most needed – counter pressure. She listened to what I wanted and what I did not – like my detest at the birthing ball. She was calm, collected and consistently aware of what I wanted and needed.

While I was in triage she asserted her right to be in the hospital and that we had followed the necessary protocol to do so (as per Covid-19 restrictions some staff can be hostile toward additional birthing support people). She was able to help my husband through the stress of not hearing anything from the admit staff for over an hour, and in the meantime offered to check that our car seat was properly installed when my husband brought up the topic.

Amina spent the next 18 hours physically and emotionally supporting me. She and my husband became a super-team, encouraging me to move around, or allowing me rest when I insisted I needed it. I don’t quite remember much of those hours- but I know my husband was in awe of Amina’s strength and ability as a doula.

Amina is a strong advocate and Amina helped me have a positive birthing experience through the external challenges I faced in labor at the 18 hour mark. When faced with a kind but pushy and anxious nurse who invaded my space and moved me physically without permission, Amina immediately asked me if I was okay with what was happening. Being the people pleaser that I am, I wanted to give the nurse another chance but when the nurse started becoming aggressive Amina advocated for me and eventually had her removed from the room. During this time with the frantic nurse who managed to scare my husband by suggesting interventions and ultimately a c-section, Amina was able to help us come to an educated decision that was aligned with my birth plan. She asked the doctors and nurses to give us time before rushing in with next steps. In that time Amina gave us a much needed pause (as I was passing out between contractions) and was supportive of our decision, even remarking that it seemed the right approach given our circumstance.

Amina stayed with us until the medical intervention was performed and made sure everything was on track before leaving, having spent over 24 hours with us.

Post delivery Amina checked in with us via text, and visited us two days later, listening to my first week struggles and helping us recognize what was abnormal in breastfeeding and seeking out lactation support for us at our request.

And postpartum she was able to give me a much needed night to recover by watching baby, burping and changing diapers – leaving me the only job of feeding baby. While feeding she answered all my baby care related questions and helped me think through the questions I needed to ask the lactation consultant the next day. She also offered her massage services which helped alleviate stress in my shoulders.

Last but not least, I’d like to mention that Amina and I share the same faith background which I deeply appreciated as she completely understood my actions and decisions, and was able to uphold them for me without question. I’m certain she’d do the same for anyone else regardless of faith background.

By the long review I hope you’ll gather how highly I think of Amina and how absolutely blessed I was to have her at my birth. I mean, she thanked me for being present at my birth, something that resonates with how humble and genuine she is. I have nothing but positives to say about Amina and am so grateful for her.”
~ Iman, Orange County

“I was lucky enough to have Becca as a doula for my homebirth in March 2021. She was wonderful!! She has a very calming presence and is so good at assessing when to fade into the background and when to make suggestions/comfort you. She also took great pictures at my request!! I was so thankful for how gracious and helpful she was during labor and after the birth. When my midwives weren’t communicating well with me, she was so thorough in helping me understand what was going on and keeping me focused on what was important.”
~ Lindsey, Laguna Niguel
“I knew i wanted a doula but i didnt know what to expect, Im very independent & have a hard time asking for help or accepting care from others… Im glad I did & Im even more glad it was Becca.

When I met Becca i knew immediately i wanted her as my doula her sweet disposition & kind voice have a way of making you feel at ease, she truly loves what she does & it shows through her knowledge & expertise. She will advocate for you when you cant, always have your best interest in mind, & she will make sure you’re comfortable emotionally & physically. I had a wonderful labor… (i also had an epidural;) ) but aside from that, Becca made sure my body was in a state of relaxation, with lighting, foot rubs, & this incredible hip jiggle thing she did (to me lol) that i loved so much!! Thank you so much, Becca I could not have done it without you, you are so wonderful & if/ when we decide to have another baby i look forward to seeing you by my side. You’re the best!”
~ Liz, Trabuco Canyon

“I knew once I met Amina virtually that I wanted to work with her. Her passion for doula care and empowering pregnant people was felt immediately. I also felt like she heard and saw me and that was exactly what I needed in my pregnancy journey. The way that my birth story unfolded did not match my birth plan/preferences at all but one of my anchors was that Amina was present for me and my family. Having her support before, during, and after my son was born was priceless and I hold those memories close to my heart. She is a joy to work with and I consider her part of my family now!”
~ Priscilla, Harbor City