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The affection for my community is rooted south of the 105, to where the 710 meets the Long Beach pier. Between these South Los Angeles freeways lies my childhood, and the life I have created with the people I adore. I am inspired by my children everyday. Their unconditional love and acceptance remind me that with each breath, I am worthy and whole. I am perfect in my imperfection. They are the foundation of my passion for birth work.

Having already had my own fair share of trauma in the medical system, it was very important for me to feel empowered during my pregnancy. Being part of the marginalized group of plus sized BIPOC, I was especially motivated to educate myself to ensure my intentions were honored, and my voice heard. It was in my learnings that I discovered the amazing role of a doula. I knew then that I wanted to share my positive birth experience in a way that would inspire other marginalized birthing people to have the experiences they wanted as well.

I trained with Birth Workers of Color in 2020, with a focus on birth work as activism and providing trauma-informed care. I am proud to have supported families desiring an out-of-hospital birth experience as a patient care coordinator at Long Beach Birth Center.

I love going dancing whenever possible, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and tackling DIY projects. Exploring and discovering brings a sense of fulfillment to my life that nurtures my soul. I believe life should always be an adventure full of excitement and possibilities.


I believe that all birthing people should be treated with dignity and respect. Every individual has the right to autonomy, privacy, and humane care during the birthing process. It is very important to me to gently guide and respect your birth plan. The expression of your needs, the acknowledgment of your wants, and the understanding of your expectations are invaluable. I appreciate the bonds I create with the families I work with, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a luminary in the story of your pregnancy.
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My Methods

My Credentials

My Methods

As a doula, I take a trauma-informed approach to providing care to my clients. I am mindful of their history, experiences, and any trauma they may have experienced, and work to create a safe and supportive environment where they feel respected and heard. I help my clients to advocate for themselves and their birth plan, providing them with resources and information that can help them to make informed decisions. Additionally, I advocate for my client’s rights and wishes to ensure that their birth plan is respected and followed. In this way, I strive to create a positive and empowering experience for my clients and help to reduce levels of trauma in the birthing process.

My Credentials

  • Birth Workers of Color Collective, Advanced
  • Placenta Services
  • Lactation Education
  • BA In Psychology at Cal State San Bernardino

Notes of Appreciation for Andrea

Maritza, Bellflower

“At roughly 36-weeks, my husband and I decided to proceed with getting a doula for the birth of our first child. We submitted an inquiry knowing it was cutting it close to our due date but Becca quickly responded and scheduled an initial consultation. Overall, she was very transparent, responsive and accommodating.

We were introduced to Andrea and it was a perfect match. We couldn’t have asked for a better doula to guide us leading up to, through and beyond labor. Her knowledge and gentle demeanor helped calm my nerves every step of the way. Andrea also supported and respected my birth wishes. She genuinely cared about me, baby and my husband–getting to know us and making sure our goals were met. During labor, she provided excellent physical and emotional guidance. I also felt comfortable in consulting both my husband and Andrea in pivotal decision making. She was 100% present, cheerleading and reassuring us through our unique (and of course not as expected) labor journey. My husband and I could not have imagined the experience leading up to the birth of our beautiful baby girl without her! Andrea is a gifted doula and we highly recommend her. Thank you!”

Maritza, Bellflower

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