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Postpartum Doula & Infant Care Specialist | she/her

I love to wander and wonder. The flow of life has taken me on journeys that have strengthened my resilience and my capacity to connect and understand. From the time I was a child, to the family that has grown into now, my home is wherever my heart is. Today, home is in Southern California, where I live fully with my partner and children. They are my true north.

I have so much gratitude for the opportunity to connect to this community by offering an unwavering support for birthing parents. I believe helping lovingly heal birthers and their families during the 4th trimester is a way to heal the world. My intention is to empower families to listen to their inner knowing and help guide them to the best choices for their family without judgment. There is no one right way to birth or parent. Life is a gift of choices. I help my clients discover what is the best postpartum plan for them, based on evidence based research, and their own right to choose.


The path ahead with your newborn can feel dichotomous; both completely new and as old as time, full of ups and downs, uncharted yet well-worn. I’m here to walk it with you, providing current evidence-based information which is guided by traditional wisdom.

My role is to support and educate you, as you adjust to this new chapter in your life. Not only can it be a beautiful discovery of the depths of love and connection between you and your baby, but how you can connect back to yourself. I believe in unconditional, gentle support during this vulnerable time in your birth journey.

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My Methods

My Credentials

My Methods

I provide practical and emotional support to you and your family during your postpartum period to help you feel more confident and capable as you transition to life with a newborn. This can include newborn care, providing education, assisting with household tasks, and sharing bonding techniques. My service to you would be customized by what you and your family need.

My Credentials

  • DONA International Trained Postpartum Doula
  • Trained Infant Care Specialist
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 Training
  • Maternal Mental Health Advocate, Saybrook University
  • Pediatric & Adult First Aid / CPR / AED, Red Cross Certified
  • Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST)

Notes of Appreciation for Carmen

J., Orange County

“Both Rebecca and Carmen are truly great people with your best interest in mind. Rebecca was my Birth Doula this past May and I am so grateful/happy that I went with her. I was hesitant on getting a Doula at first but she definitely proved to be 1000% worth it. She supported me while my S/O had to drive 2 hours South so I would’ve labored alone if she wasn’t there and I definitely think her approach at calming me(light, diffuser, music) was super helpful. She also has an abundance of knowledge and resources as far as how to manage labor, things I would’ve never even thought to do. She was a big support to my Mom during the whole process even at our first meeting. She really had an understanding of our concerns and fears like my birth plan and she answered our questions without hesitation and guided us through all the things we should expect. Carmen was also a great support for me. She was around for my Postpartum and right away you can tell that she is a very kind soul and wants what’s best for you. I slipped into a bit of a depression and she helped me process a lot of things I was feeling and I was able to vent to her without feeling judged. I also want to emphasize that she cares for your physical well-being too. She was always making sure I was eating enough calories while I was breastfeeding and making sure I was drinking enough water. I can attest to the fact that it is very easy to forget to take care of yourself as a new parent so she did a great job at reminding me of the importance of maintaining my health and wellness. She also helped with stuff like sweeping our floors which probably wouldn’t have gotten done in who knows how long just because I didn’t have time so she’s very attentive and recognizes when you need help with something before you even ask for help. She also offered help with other household stuff and I do appreciate that. Both Rebecca and Carmen are not only great at what they do but they bent over backwards working with one of their friends doing a fundraiser for me and my son. As a fairly young women with a pregnancy I found out about at 6.5 months let’s just say I was not the most prepared. Physically or financially. So it was one of the biggest blessings that they were able to do that for me. That took so much stress off my shoulders. With all of that being said, If you are considering a Doula do not hesitate to reach out to these two amazing people. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them. Definitely a great experience.”

J., Orange County

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