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Birth Doula, Mentor, Student-Midwife, Placenta Encapsulator | she/her

Hi there! My name is Jennifer Ratts, and I was born and raised in SoCal. I have been fortunate to come from a humble family who taught me the importance of hard work, compassion, and patience and to have a partner that grows with me in life and love.

I have always felt drawn towards the birthing process, even from a young age. I remember wanting to “deliver babies” since I was about 12 years old. The birth of my youngest cousins, especially one who passed away shortly after birth, further fueled my desire to provide better care to birthing people.

My start in this field began when I was a teenager and interned in a hospital Labor & Delivery unit. That’s where I was introduced to midwifery and was inspired to set on this path. Later, I was able to work with an organization that shelters and supports homeless pregnant people which is where I began my career in birth work as a volunteer doula. For more than 7 years following I have worked as a birth assistant with midwives and have had the privilege to attend more than 300 births. I became the Birth Assistant Coordinator for my birth center team in 2020 when I began training and mentoring new assistants. I remain in this position today, and have added on the role of Birth Center Coordinator at Long Beach Birth Center as of 2022. I am also currently a student midwife in my fourth year at the National College of Midwifery and look forward to serving my community as a Licensed Midwife. My work as a Doula Mentor with Moonchild Birth Services began with the founding of the collective. I have been honored to guide and support our doulas and to be able to utilize my experience and insight in this way.

In my free time, I enjoy reading and studying all things metaphysical, including astrology and energy work. I also love spending time with friends, and exploring my creativity.


As a doula, I believe that birth is a unique process for each individual and should not be treated as a procedure that needs to be managed. I am passionately committed to making midwifery care accessible to all and bridging the gap between physicians and midwives. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to serve and support all birthing families, and to learn from each and every one of them.
Jen Ra.

My Methods

My Credentials

My Methods

My approach is to provide guidance that is tailored to each family and to be as invisible as possible as to not interrupt the birth process unless needed. I find that prenatal education and preparation is the most helpful tool for birthing people to attain the best possible outcome.

My Credentials

  • Basic Life Support, (BLS) cert.
  • Trained Birth Doula, cert.
  • Trained Midwifery Birth Assistant
  • Placenta Encapsulation
  • Doula Mentor
  • Lactation Support
  • Spinning Babies

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