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Hello, I’m Lauren! Although I was born in Orange County, my childhood memories are filled with the salty ocean air of Pismo Beach, where I was raised by health-conscious parents who instilled the value of an active lifestyle and nutritious eating. In high school and college, I was fully engaged in both academic and extracurricular activities, and maintained an above-average GPA. I cherish the memories of spending time with friends, taking long walks on the beach, and gathering around bonfires in the Oceano dunes.

My curiosity around psychology and wellness have been my muse since I was 16, cultivating a commitment to helping others live happier, healthier lives. With this mission as my motivation, I delved into the fascinating fields of psychology and business at the University of California, San Diego, where I met my partner. He is a beacon of inspiration in my life. With his unwavering kindness, and selfless generosity, he inspires me to live each day to its fullest and to spread joy and abundance wherever I go. I am truly grateful to have him by my side.

In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga, aerial silks, weightlifting, crocheting, baking, cooking, and painting. I believe in embracing life and making opportunities for joy and connection. I find inspiration in nature, and I find solace in reminding myself of how small I am in the grand scheme of things. I find mindfulness to be incredibly helpful, and I use it to accept what is, move with the flow, and find peace by coming back to my breath and my body.


My philosophy is that 90% of the time, all someone needs is a supportive team and a safe environment to give birth to their baby. As a doula, I am deeply dedicated to assisting my clients during one of the most important moments in their lives. I strive to provide them with education, support, and a safe environment to discuss their concerns and questions. My goal is to help them have a positive birth experience by empowering them to listen to their bodies, understand their options, and feel confident in their choices.
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My Methods

My Credentials

My Methods

I believe that by providing education and support to my clients, I can foster their self-assurance and encourage them to trust their own instincts. Whether it’s through conversation or hands-on guidance, I am committed to being a resource for my clients and helping them navigate their birth journey with confidence.

My Credentials

  • Trained Doula, SLO Birth and Doula Collective
  • Trained Postpartum Doula
  • Birth and Bereavement Doula with still birthday

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